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Thursday 26 July 2012

Book Addicts

I have just half a day at work then I’m off to Catton Park to finish setting up for this weekend’s dog show.

L’s boss takes her to Waterstones. He doesn’t seem to appreciate that this is not the way to deal with addicts? Turns out he needs assistance, as he’s too shy to buy his Daughter ‘that book’. So L does it for him.

Talking of Daughters, I’m getting texts complaining about the mess in the new student household in Sheffield. Daughter has apparently hoovered twice in two days.... do I know this child?

I do loads at Catton and then as they have plenty of volunteers to park caravans I head home. After pitching our tent that is, as we’ll be camping there ourselves for the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately I volunteer to be there early tomorrow to do the car parking.

(Thursday 26th July)

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