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Tuesday 19 March 2013

A Long Cut

L makes it to work and stays there. I take the bus and will run home.

Bit of a victory for CityLink this morning. There are three of waiting at QMC when the CityLink bus pulls up with the Red Arrow right behind it, all three of us get on CityLink. Then it messes it up by long cutting through Chaddesden, making me late for work. That ‘short’ cut never works, never has, never will.

After having bought a £4 single because I’m running home, I later find out that Citylink have now solved the main problem with their ticketing. Their restrictive day return has now become an any time return. Sorted. They've also abolished the peak prices bringing a return down to £4.50 any time with the Red Arrow at £8... its a no brainer surely.

After a minor crisis at work I don’t start my run until 5.40, so I’m a bit behind schedule. I still manage 14k to Sandiacre though, which is quite pleasing and there are no objections from either my calves or my knees.

(Tuesday 19th March)

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