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Wednesday 6 March 2013

A Hanging Offence

I cycle in this morning through the fog.

At lunchtime I send L to Waterstones to see if she can find any maps of the Pyrenees. Then I realise my mistake. I hasten to add that she is only allowed in the maps section and she is to be escorted straight there. She doesn’t find any.

I cycle to the pool after work and find the only lane with any space in is in the fast lane where a girl is doing backstroke, slowly, but on her own. This is pretty much a hanging offence but still I beg her not to go when she bales out because I know once she does... and it happens straight away... a fast bloke is going to get in. Damn. That's the end of my gentle swim.

L has washed her puffer jacket and it’s come out flat. Oh dear. Yet I read on various websites that the technical way of fixing this is to tumble dry it with a few tennis balls. Isn’t technology great?  

However as it dries it puffs up again all on its own, so the tennis balls are unnecessary, as is the tumble dryer, which we don’t have anyway. Which leaves the tennis balls free for other uses such as, funnily enough, the one L’s physio has already suggested. L has been told to pack a tennis ball to give her bad ankle a massage on holiday. Isn't it amazing what you can with a tennis ball?

(Wednesday 6th March)

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