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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Yay, Cheaper Beer

L asks ‘Where on earth did all this snow come from?’ Snow? What snow? Nothing here in Derby.

Damn. I lose the sweep on how long Michael Appleton would be at Blackburn Rovers. I reckoned he’d last until April, my mate said March and so got it right. Bet Appleton wished he hadn’t jumped ship from Blackpool now.
In the Budget, they finally get the hint and beer prices are down. Yay. Time to celebrate but not until Sunday when it comes in force.

Still, it won’t hurt to have a few tonight, as I’m meeting a mate this evening. Then afterwards we're off for a ‘snack’ in Antibos. Which is a difficult one as I’m trying to get in shape for the half marathon season. Pasta instead of pizza I think. Although it comes with garlic bread. Oh well, I’ll just have to train harder. 

(Wednesday 20th March)

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