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Saturday 16 March 2013

Straight Lines

Back to normal after the holiday but at least we have a full weekend ahead of us.

The dogs are reintroduced to the park, a double session, taking us down to the lake for the first time in about three years. Doggo and I always used to come down here, pre-MD. There just been no time to get this far since then, mainly due to MD's inability to carry his ball in a straight line.

Normal means a football match but at a sub-normal time, a 5.20pm kick off for TV.

We win 2-1 over Leicester which is a pleasant surprise and with a good performance. Well at least I thought it was a good performance, our illustrious manager disagreed because we didn’t make pointless pretty circles passing the ball around the midfield. Instead we defended well, kicked it into touch when necessary but combined this with getting it out wide and putting crosses in. Refreshing stuff.

I then head straight into Nottingham to meet L and to reacquaint myself with the Old Peculiar in the Peacock. Yep, it’s still there, still tasty. I’ll just have a few more to make sure.

(Saturday 16th March)

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