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Friday 29 March 2013

The Jinx Continues

Good Friday today and somehow I wake up with a twisted ankle. I don’t remember doing that. How can you twist your ankle in your sleep? I have a feeling that a dog may have slept on it.

It appears to be a reoccurrence of the old football war wound, weakened by years of playing on astro turf. It’ll pass. I hope. We hobble to the park but the boys aren’t very sympathetic and don’t wait for me.

Daughter heads off back to Sheffield and L goes with her, armed with the joint credit card.

In the evening there’s a match. Quite why this isn’t a 3pm kick off I don’t know. At least they have announced that this Friday experiment isn’t continuing next season.

All the same this game had better be exciting because it’s not very warm tonight. It’s not too bad, a fairly warming 3-0 win over a very poor Bristol City. Who look increasingly relegation bound.

(Friday 29th March)

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