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Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Ever Spinning Roulette Wheel

Today is the day we depart for holiday. I have the morning at work, whilst L has the whole day off.

The ever spinning roulette wheel that is the airlines attitude to the additional baggage required by skiers stops this year on the instruction which says that you are recommended to pack your ski boots inside your normal luggage and pay an extra bag charge for skis. So I pay up £136 in extra charges to British Airways for the two of us. Ouch.

The other option is to take our ski boots as hand luggage. This is apparently allowed and incurs no charges whereas if we were to put that bag in the hold, which surely would be better for everyone, it would cost us another £136. Makes sense...

However we play the game we will take the same anyway, it’s just how we distribute it to avoid paying them less.

I head home for lunch where L is tempting me with a just banned bacon sandwich

I get home and take the dogs on park, which is their last romp of freedom before they are then dumped in kennels. Once that’s been done, then we’re off to a seedy London hotel for the night, before flying to the Pyrenees on Friday.

(Thursday 7th March)

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