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Monday, 25 March 2013


Diet. Salad tonight. Caesar salad to be precise, I just hope L goes easy on the Caesars.

Dog training is surprisingly off, anyone would think we had snow on the ground.

The Loughborough Half Marathon is to be rearranged. Bugger. This has the immediate effect of paralysing my calendar. Rescheduling these things is almost impossible. Most people will have other races planned, so any rescheduling is going to create a clash for somebody.

This means I now have to hold off entering anything, races or dog shows until they decide on a date. L has already entered Sheffield, hoping she’ll be fully recovered from injury by then. I was going to enter that and Scunthorpe aka North Lincolnshire Half, once I’d survived Loughborough. I’ve become cautious about entering too far ahead as I’ll only get injured again.

A work colleague has just entered the Nottingham Half, although that is no guarantee he’ll do it, although he did run the Clough-Taylor 10k last week. Nottingham are including a free t-shirt this year, which is about time. That might swing it for me, despite their rather boring new (fast) course.

(Monday 25th March)

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