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Friday 1 March 2013

Ominous Feeling

L is working from home because the boiler repairman is due again. The dogs quickly take up their usual positions, asleep, but they do need to conserve their energy. They have a busy day, what with so many visitors coming. First the boiler repairman, then L’s folks are coming round later.

L has an ominous feeling about this repairman. It’s probably the same ominous feeling I have. Normally they email and text us, continually reminding us about the appointment. This time, nothing.

I check their website, we are actually on there, so perhaps we are big unnecessarily ‘ominous’.

I take it all back, he arrives and does the job. We now seem to have hot water and heat, at the same time, until the next time of course. 

As L entertains her folks, I’m at the match. Another ridiculous Friday night fixture that no one wants to go to. It results in a rather, lifeless crowd and another defeat. Perhaps next season they might wish to stick to Saturdays? I doubt it.

(Friday 1st March)

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