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Wednesday 27 March 2013

My Curse

I get up, determined to cycle, put on my cycling stuff, pull back the curtains and see snow flurries. It doesn’t look promising, so I take off my bike kit and get the bus. So not only no cycling but no swim either. As I sit on the bus, the sun comes out.

My curse continues. An inspection is being undertaken at this weekend's dog show, a decision is due within 24 hours. It’s not looking good. A warning to anybody thinking of doing the Wollaton Park 10k on Monday, don’t bother. I intend to enter on the day, so cancellation is as good as assured.

L makes a mental note to not only not order the same as me at a restaurant, as it’ll be off, but to also not enter the same events as me.

Dog training tonight. It’s cold but at least it’s indoors. MD is rampant, that’s what two weeks without does for you. I’m the same.

(Wednesday 27th March)

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