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Monday, 4 March 2013

The General Lessening Of The Injured State

L is feeling a ‘little bit’ enthused, whether this is down to my inspirational survival yesterday, another ankle massage from hell today or just the general lessening of her injured state I’m not sure. She says she might even print off a Sheffield Half entry form.

I’m feeling very enthused myself, I’m even coping with the stairs sort of ok this morning. As for entering anything... I’m typing this with my nose as I’ve had to tie my hands behind my back to stop me doing anything silly. This would just be more half marathons. Not, I hasten to add, quelling L’s over excitement, a swim or anything like that, just yet.

Dogging on the hill again tonight. It’s not quite so cold this week and MD does well again. Daren’t get too enthused about that.

(Monday 4th March)

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