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Monday, 28 April 2014

Glowingly Healthy

A committee meeting tonight and dog training on Tuesday poses some issues, training wise. So I decide to cycle both today and tomorrow, deferring my swim until Wednesday. If we don’t starve by then that is because the weekly shop will also have to defer to then, when I’m next in the car.

The cycling goes well, I don’t feel so injured when I’m sat on my bike. I did have one problem though with a girl racer on an old racer, which looked like an ancient Raleigh. She was a bit too quick for my liking and I had to stalk her for ages before finally managing to overtake her.

L promises herself (and by default me too) a 100%, stricter than strict, glowingly healthy, low alcohol diet from today, for definite. Well at least from Wednesday when I’ve managed to get the shopping in. Personally I think we’re pretty healthy already. I’m certainly glowing this morning, although that could be from the sun over the weekend.

The birthday’s come fast and furious in our house at the moment. Today is MD's sixth. L will be doing him sausages and might even save some for us. Glowingly healthy ones I hope. 

(Monday 28th April)

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