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Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Forlorn Figure

Today we head over to Son’s domain, Leamington Spa for the Leamington 10k run.

We manage to park up very close to the start with is good on one hand as we’re nice and close to the dogs. On the other hand they’re actually marked next to the course, so the boys will be able to wave to everyone as they pass.

Before we get to that point we have to contend with a slightly chaotic first few kilometres. First we have to negotiate our way through a cordon of parked cars (not ours I will add) and then they send us off on a lap of Newbold Comyn Golf Course, which involves a rather narrow footpath that is so deep in mud that I think they should reclassify the race as a cross country run. At this point you can set any thoughts of a PB quickly set aside.

Once at approximately half way, back on the road and past the boys, things are much better and the course very pleasant. Although the centre of Leamington is conspicuous by its absence.

With a big field and big local sponsor in solicitors Wright Hassall they should have the clout to get the council to close a few roads for them. Let’s face it the centre of Leamington is nearly always closed for a Sunday market anyway.

A time of 46 minutes is respectable for me but more importantly my calves survive and my knee isn’t too bad either.

All in all a decent run, although I regret not being at the cancelled Sheffield Half Marathon today. That looked a hoot and it would have been great to have said we’d been involved in such a fiasco like that.

After our run we manage to raise Son from his bed, no mean feat as he doesn’t finish work until 4am, and go for lunch with him and his other half at the White Horse. The White Horse is minus its horse at the moment, the creature that sits in their courtyard looks a rather forlorn figure at the moment capsized on its side like a Grand National tragedy.

In the evening we head to Beeston to check out the refurbished Star which is now owned by the same people who have rejuvenated the Horse and Jockey in Stapleford. Very good it is too.

(Sunday 6th April)

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