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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pandering To My Ego

The watch says ‘new record’ but I know it’s just pandering to my ego. I don’t even know what it means by a new record. Does it mean a record distance or a record time? It just didn’t say. The raw facts are 5.59km in 26:59.

The run was sandwiched in between riding to and from work, so I guess any record is the sign of improvement.

At dog training, I suspect that somebody is wearing L’s new boots (the one’s she hasn’t got yet) but I didn’t feel I knew the young lady well enough to start discussing her feet.

L sends me a photo to compare them with. It seems having a dog at your side when you wear these boots is compulsory. So it’s a good job we’re sorted on that front then.

Dog training is a bit slow and MD only gets two runs. He needs quantity as well as quality. L will be complaining tomorrow that he hasn't left it all in the agility ring when she takes him for his morning walk.

(Wednesday 2nd April)

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