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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Second Celebration In Two Days

I reintroduce the dogs to the park which they seem to have remembered. They haven’t been on for a few weeks as I’ve tried to save Doggo’s legs so that we didn’t have to carry him into kennels.

Later we get the 5:45 train up to Sheffield where we head for a boozy night out and to see Daughter. We meet her in the Devonshire Cat, one of my favourites, where they have a Porter and a Stout to alternate between.

They initially thwart our request for food by announcing that they have stopped serving due to excessive demand. This has the effect of losing them about half their customers, at which point they start serving food again. This seems an odd way to run a business.

After eating we move on to another of my favourites, the Sheffield Tap. It’ll be a shame when Daughter leaves Sheffield, not that that’ll stop us visiting.

We depart on the 10.30 train and Daughter departs to the library to do some work. I’ll add she hasn’t been joining us on the alcohol. First she gives me a huge box of chocies for my birthday, which is still over a week away, despite the second celebration in two days. I test them on the train home. 

(Saturday 19th April)

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