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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Starting To Feel Fit Again

I catch one of those rare Citylink bus things today and because there was no traffic due to the prolonged Easter holiday (for some) end up well early for work.

L stop-started-shuffles as she puts it (e.g. runs). I run later and do 14k post work before catching the bus the rest of the way home. The run goes surprisingly well. It’s sort of scary starting to feel fit again; it’s been a long time.

Then its home for ball duty. L says MD will be thrilled that it’s me on duty tonight but not as thrilled as she is that it isn’t her.

She’s at pump. I keep my phone with me in case I need to do a rescue mission to remove the dumbbells off her if she collapses in a heap. Secretly we both know she’ll be brilliant really.

(Wednesday 23rd April)

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