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Monday 7 April 2014

the food of champions

The weather is absolutely foul this morning yet some awesome souls were out running in it. Yes, L runs before she even walks the boys, adhering to her training plan even in the rain.

She describes her training plan as a bit like an advent calendar, an analogy I don’t quite understand. She says Jess Ennis probably has something similar on her kitchen wall. Maybe... although it’s not working for Jess at the moment, she's put on a lot of weight. She’s been opening the wrong windows I think.

The rain does not abate and dog training is cancelled. So I go for a swim instead and do 71 lengths again. Why is it always 71? My watch really is having a laugh.

L is out tonight painting the streets of Borrowash, well going for a curry there anyway. She offers me a takeaway which sadly is not the food of champions and wouldn't be good for my training at all.

Chicken Jalfrezi and an Keema naan for the boys please.

Order placed, the boys and I head over to cruise the streets of Borrowash to see if we can pick up any young women and relieve them of their naan bread. The operation is a success.

(Monday 7th April)

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