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Friday, 18 April 2014

The Wrong Shoes

It’s the first outdoor dog show of our season and we arrive at Catton Hall with the wrong trail shoes, I have L’s.

Doggo’s Veterans run is up first where I make my second and third mistakes of the day. I select the ‘small’ jumps for Doggo when I perhaps should have downgraded him to the even smaller ‘micro’ jumps this year now he’s nearly 13, then I rush him and he misses a jump out. Then mistake number one (lack of trail shoes) comes back to haunt me and I fall over trying to correct him.

After that I slacken the laces off on L’s trail shoes and cram them on. Then I head to the start line with MD, who quivers as he waits, just like he did at the kennels last Friday. Again whether this is in terror or excitement I’m not sure. I don’t fall over but we get two eliminations anyway. So not a terribly good start to the season. We now have about a four hour gap until our next run, such is the scheduling at dog shows.

L sleeps into midday by which time it seems a shame her getting up, as we’ll be home soon. Our afternoon goes better. First because the ground has now dried out and I can wear my own shoes again. Then I get a clear round out of the little sod. Just. We argue over the tunnel, I have to illegally nudge him round a jump with my knee and our dog walk contact is got with just one claw I think. It’s good enough for 9th, so at least we come home with something.

Then two poles down in our last run, although it wasn’t a bad run to be fair.

L cuts the grass and says I can reward her with a glass of wine later. I was about to offer her a bottle.

We’re out tonight celebrating my birthday over a week early... and why not. After a few pints in the refurbished (again) Sir John Borlase Warren, we head to Iberico Tapas where we have a really excellent meal, that bottle (of red) with sherry/beer to wash it down and a wobble home.

(Friday 18th April)

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