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Friday, 11 April 2014

The Smallest Shower Known To Man

L takes the dogs for their walk as usual in an attempt to make it seems like a normal day. Although they may have smelt a rat as they get a longer walk than what they are accustomed to. I load the car up whilst they’re gone.

We all hop in and then a few miles down the road the dogs are dispatched to kennels, where we have to queue (at a safe distance) as lots of dogs seem to be being dumped today. They go like lambs, sort of. MD does ‘quiver’ a bit, whether this is terror or excitement I’m not sure.

We drive down to Luton Airport, which is a surprisingly traffic free journey. We park in the on-site car park, which has again turned out to be cheaper with a last minute booking than the supposedly cheaper off-site parking.

We are on an Easyjet flight for the first time in a long long time. Last time we queued forever and getting on board was a real free for all. Now they seem to have the best seat booking system of the lot and you check in when you book, not the day before you fly. Still don’t understand why it costs a fiver thought.

In fact there’s nothing cheap about the overall price. It would have been cheaper to fly Swissair from Heathrow but Luton is in theory easier. We’re had to pay £30 to put a bag in the hold and £60 to take our skis. The first bit really grates when everyone else takes a suitcase on board for free. Meaning if you did want to put your coat in the locker above your seat you’d be out of luck because they’d be a couple of Samsonites in there already.

You don’t get any snacks on board of course, not that they’re necessary but it doesn’t seem to make the flight any cheaper.

Once in Geneva we head to the car hire desk at Budget. I groan when they offer me a free upgrade. I resist the urge to tell them they mean a downgrade. My requested Astra/Golf size vehicle has morphed into an Opel Mokka. This turns out to be a people carrier thing that has space for a five a side team but only if they bring one bag between them. As well as the really tiny boot, it handles like a brick with a wheel at each corner on the mountain roads.

After negotiating Geneva rush hour, the Swiss-French border (such a thing still exists) and a contra flow (they exist aboard too) we arrive in the village of Les Carroz. The hotel Les Airelles looks great, the room is great, the food is great, the food is expensive and we have the smallest shower known to man.

Look forward to the skiing tomorrow.

(Friday 11th April)

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