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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Starting To Feel Injured Again

I bike into work again and leave a bit too much out on the road, judging by my lame performance at squash tonight.

Post squash we end up back at Navigation as L is meeting us there, after her run. The pub singer doesn’t seem quite so loud this week but I still think we’re likely to be elsewhere next week.

The Play Off dates have been confirmed and, assuming Derby finish 3rd, we will have the away leg on the evening of Thursday May 8 and the home leg on Sunday 11th May with a 5.15pm kick off.

This is a relief as I was worried it was going to have to do a very fast triathlon to make a lunchtime start. A 5.15pm kick off gives me a bit more time for me to finish my warm-up event, particularly as it’s in Peterborough, and get back in time for a snooze at the match.

Unfortunately I think I may have pulled something, either on my bike or at squash. Starting to feel injured again...

(Thursday 24th April)

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