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Friday, 25 April 2014

Spreadsheets And Crashing Airplanes

Another good bike, which I thought was going to be in the rain but it held off. Unfortunately the ride home isn’t so precipitation free. So despite a four day week, I’ve achieved my training targets.

L is worrying about her own targets and trying to explain to her sister about spreadsheets and crashing airplanes...

It’s best to keep away from dangerous things like spreadsheets. They contain things like bike rides, runs, swims, gym sessions... you know, targets... Then if you’re L there’s book reading, decorating... Oh dear, more targets.

Then before you know it you get symbolic dreams about crashing airplanes... but everyone should have targets. There are many people who have none and therefore achieve nothing.

My university friends and I achieve our targets in Bingham tonight. Three pubs and five pints.

 (Friday 25th April)

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