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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

An Early Morning Swim

I have the day off today, so that I can pick the dogs up from kennels and then spend the day with them. L is at work and suggests I join her for an early morning swim. Nearly a week after she suggested this I still haven’t managed to find an excuse not to, so at 8am I am in John Carroll pool doing my 70 lengths. I’m not the only one either, it’s really busy. I do wish they’d stop trying to get everyone to exercise.

After I’ve finish my swim I get collared by one of the staff, L’s ‘personal trainer’ and I think he’s adopted me too. He introduces me to the ‘power plate’ in the gym, which is good for the muscles, I think. He certainly thinks so and he’s taking quite a bit interest in my Half Ironman training. It took me at least half an hour to give him the slip, L had long since sneaked out the back way.

He also has big expectations of me in my event and is coming to support. I think he expects me to come out of the swim about 10 minutes down (knowing the swim is my worst discipline) and then to overhaul the leaders on the bike leg before sprinting to victory on the run. I feel I will have ruined his Sunday morning if I don’t win.

L says she expects me to win too. No pressure then.

I collect the dogs, who seem pleased to see me. MD goes into every room looking for L before going outside to check if his ball is still there. Doggo mopes a little, for effect mainly, and then joins him.

I spend the day kicking/throwing balls before escaping to Derby where I have arranged a night out with a friend, having forgotten I’m not at work. 

(Tuesday 15th April)

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