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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Otherwise Engaged

L has been asked to marshal at the Half Outlaw, how exciting. Perhaps I could help too, that is if I wasn’t already otherwise engaged.

Talking of which, tonight is swimming night and it was hell. Wednesday evenings used to be the premier lane swimming night at John Carroll but now only three lanes are open and lessons take part in the other half.

A lot of people have simply given up going as it’s now so congested but I don't really have much choice. However being too slow for the psychos in lane one and two fast for the chuggers in lane three, I have to go in lane two but unfortunately everyone else has come to the same conclusion.

Half a dozen of us battle for space; there are elbows everywhere as we swim under, over and around each other. Its good competition practice I guess.

Other folk are loitering at the side waiting for a gap to dive into. I'm not giving an inch and keep going. When I do finally stop, my watch says I've done 66 lengths. I wasn't going to go for the 80 lengths until May (e.g. tomorrow) but I might as well now. I grab a pull buoy and launch myself back into the fray to complete the task. 

(Wednesday 30th April)

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