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Monday 4 May 2015

A Risky Fifth

Its bank holiday Monday and we’re at Shrewsbury dog show, even L is with us. This is the first time this show has extended over the weekend into Monday and entries numbers are low for the extra day. Subsequently we are finished by lunchtime.

MD performs very well, we get a clear round and 2nd place on one course. We would have got a second 2nd if I hadn’t rushed him and he felled a pole. As is tradition, one run is an absolute stinker but then we get another crack in the ring where he felled the pole. The end of the course is identical and this time we are clear but a minor mid-course disagreement leaves us out the rosettes.

We head home and catch up with some bed time.Then later we head out for two pints in Crafty Crow and then two more in the Hand and Heart. By now it has started raining and with twenty minutes until the bus we go for a risky fifth in the Ropewalk, purely to wait for the bus in there out of the rain you understand. This turns out to be the best pint of the night, a stout. I think our heads will regret it later.

(Monday 4th May)

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