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Thursday 14 May 2015

Dispensing Pleasantries

I bike and then run at lunchtime, a 5.5k trot today. Kilometre number two took 10 minutes as I bumped into somebody from the dog club who also happens to work on Pride Park and I had to dispense pleasantries. It also meant I had to cut a kilometre off my route to make up for lost time or else my lunch hour would have gone on forever.

L hogs the cooker to make her Mum and Dad a cottage pie and an apple crumble as they are traipsing up and down the motorway visiting L’s brother in hospital. The only question is where’s my apple crumble?

I am now told that L’s rather late birthday present is now out of stock and it’ll be another week at least (if the stars align correctly). I cancel and offer her something else instead.

(Thursday 14th May)

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