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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Never Mind The Cheese

My final pre-event bike to work today. I will then taper a bit more properly for the rest of the week, maybe. Well, I'll try to.

L is in London, working down Harley Street and having the usual fun on the trains getting there. She isn’t tapering except when being in London forces her to. She claims that her event is only a piddly little tri. The same piddly little tri is also a qualifier for ITU Sprint Distance World Championships and ETU Sprint Distance European Championships by way. So it’ll be piddly, little and full of very very quick people.

In the evening, we’re at dog training and another solid training session from MD. More solid that my triathlon training, that’s for sure.

L has gone to bed when we get home ‘to stop the cheese calling to me from the fridge’. Never mind the cheese, she needs to beware the chocolate lurking in my bedside cabinet.

(Wednesday 27th May)

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