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Thursday 21 May 2015

We Could Bath In It

The Brunswick, where I have lunch today, seems to have had a bit of a revamp. At long last they have starting writing the beer colour on the blackboard that contains their beer list and and they even take my Camra card.

L comes home with new contact lenses for us both, nothing wrong with that but she also brings another six bottles of lens fluid to add to the twenty of so we already have. It’s a cliché but we could bath in it.

Derby Velodrome announce that they will be staging the first round of the Revolution cycling series in August and over three days. Wow. Sounds like they have finally successfully organised something. I quickly grab four tickets, it’s already close to selling out.

I go from work to Cyclo Monster who have been repairing my Yorkshire ravaged bike in readiness for next weekend’s silliness. Then I head to the pool and swim 70 lengths, although I get calf cramps after 50 and then thigh cramps (not had that one before) with 8 to do. I grab a pull buoy and float my way to completion.

With my attempted purchase from Fat Face not arriving and therefore proving to be a birthday present disaster, I instead order my Queen of the 10K her usual running shoes from trusty Wiggle. Boring but quick. The package is order and despatched the same day and will arrive tomorrow. Fat Face take note.

(Thursday 21st May)

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