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Thursday 7 May 2015


On the bike. The wind seems to have stopped and the sun has come out. The rain returns later though.

Tonight we go gigging. To see the guitarist at the Navigation, who is also L’s Pilates instructor and who we always walk out on just as he’s starting up. Not intentionally you understand, it’s just our post-squash drink ends at just that time. Well tonight with no squash on, L and I turn up late just to see him. He is thrilled and I’m happy enough too as I have a pint in my hand.

Tonight it’s the general election and I stay up, as usual, watching the entertainment until nearly 4am. I do love a good election, no matter who wins. It’s even better when the result isn’t predicted, like tonight’s isn’t. Hat's are eaten all round.

(Thursday 7th May)

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