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Monday 18 May 2015

Romantic Listening

It’s a grotty morning unless you’re still in bed then its romantic listening to the rain pounding on the roof but all good things come to an end. Otherwise known as having to get up for work or as L puts it, to fund our mad lifestyle. L has her new empire to go to and I have my battered old one.

Did she say mad? I’m not sure what’s mad about it? All seems quite normal to me.

Things still seems quite normal when later I’m sheltering under the eaves of a small shed in the middle of a muddy field waiting for the rain to stop so that we can start dog training.

It could be an interesting session, wet underfoot and bloody windy. Yet MD is brilliant. So brilliant in fact that I consider leaving after only ten minutes and not because of the weather. Now is the time to go in case things take a turn for the worse because they can’t get any better tonight. Bless him.

(Monday 18th May)

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