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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Flailing Fins

Having turned down my running overtures, L announces that she wants to start some... speed work. I’m always available.

I go to the pool, as a late-ish training session for Sunday’s half ironman. Naturally it’s packed and I have to share a lane with a couple of girlies (not too painful) and flipper man (which is painful if he catches you with a flailing fin). I swim 70 lengths without getting too much cramp and only one flipper bruise, which is a result.

Steve McClaren is gone from Derby. I’m not particularly happy about another managerial change as I think we can now right off next season as the new chap beds in but the philandering McClaren has no one to blame but himself for flirting embarrassingly with Newcastle United. That’ll end in tears. Anything involving Newcastle always does.

(Tuesday 26th May)

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