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Tuesday 19 May 2015

Forever Windy

The weather is frustrating this morning, sunny one minute, raining the next but forever windy. I put my wet weather gear on to cycle to work but was then immediately too hot when it stopped raining.

The sponsors of the Hellathon nee the Ramathon are imploring runners not to ignore niggling injuries. Well, that's both L and me side-lined for starters along with probably half of the field or are the sponsors just drumming up trade? L says she's considers taking an audiobook round with her. A long one.

There are reports of a hail storm being on the way. Not had any hail here, yet... until I leave work that is. A quick pebble dashing never hurt anyone though.

A rare Tuesday evening dog training tonight and a still in form MD.

(Tuesday 19th May)

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