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Sunday 17 May 2015

Hat Hanging

Today is the Leicester 10k, two laps of Abbey Park and advertised as (but aren’t they all) fast and flat. Shoot me now.

Actually, it’s not that bad. A bit twisty at first, so certainly not fast but there are some nice straight road sections as well. Although both these sections are up slight but constant inclines, so not flat either. None of it is on grit paths as I expected and I even quite enjoy myself. Nothing twangs, snaps or breaks. I take it easy for the first 2k, saying to myself that any pace will do but what I actually do, 4:45 per km isn’t bad.

Then I try to hang my hat on 4:30 for the rest of the way round and nearly nail it finishing in 46:28. It’s my fastest for a year. Not that I’ve done many. Meanwhile L is again getting all flirtatious with the hour and one day soon they will have an emotional coming together. She comes home today in 62 minutes.

Then we head south to Papworth Hospital where L’s brother is, aiming to get there for visiting time at 2:15. The boys are with us as usual, jet setting around the country. One minute they are weeing up a tree in Leicestershire, the next it’s up the duck pond in Cambridgeshire.

We head into town for Sunday lunch at the Hand and Heart, a first visit to the under new management Borlase (now run by Lincoln Green) before finally a gorgeous Chocolate Gorilla in the Blue Monkey pub.

(Sunday 17th May)

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