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Thursday 28 May 2015

Dog Shaped Alarm Clock

As usual the dog shaped alarm clock goes off at just before 6am and starts licking any bit of flesh it can get its tongue on. I probably should say I like his style but I don’t. It can also be a right passion wrecker in the mornings.

I’m tapering on the bus. I consider a lunchtime run but don’t risk it. I’ve also managed to keep out of the pub at lunchtime and I haven’t heard from my squash/tennis opponent. So that’s another possible injury opportunity avoided.

L is stressed, and her event is only a piddly little tri or perhaps that not why she’s stressed. As ever I am happy to de-stress her by whatever means are necessary. So we bring forward Friday and challenge Doggo to wreck it.

He doesn’t. I cut the lawn first and that means he’s so knackered after trying to wreck that, that he can barely make it up the stairs.

(Thursday 28th May)

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