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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Le Col du Caning Circus

The Nottingham Half Route is finally revealed and it’s not bad. Much better than in the last few years of 'sort of  fast, sort of flat but very boring' although it’s virtually the popular old route with Wollaton Park making a welcome come back and a few extra hills added. In fact, the hills look really good and the crowds should be better now that it goes to more places of civilisation. I think it has now dawned on race organisers that nobody actually likes fast and flat. 

The route still doesn’t quite make the city centre. Well the half doesn’t but the full does, the second lap of the full marathon takes them right through the city centre – Victoria Street and up Derby Road (ouch). They’ll have to at least part close roads in the centre for that, for quite a long time. Being sat outside the Borlase/Falcon a top the Col du Caning Circus with a pint in hand could well be more fun that entering.

I’m seriously tempted to run it though but I shall not enter pre-Ramathon. One disaster at a time.

L vows not to enter anything, pre or post. She says she’s a retired half-marathoner and she’s going to be the 10K Queen unless, of course, something or someone enthuses her otherwise. I wonder if Daughter would do it with me.

Another day on the bike and then more dog training

(Wednesday 13th May)

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