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Friday 22 May 2015


I’m on the bike again and almost feel fit. L meanwhile is googling the likes of ‘The 71 stages of running a Half Marathon with little to no training’ and other similarly themed articles.

The thing is... it’s actually a very inspirational read. All her well thought out research has been a bit self-defeating.

On the other hand, she says she’s started her ‘1000 miles in 1000 days’ challenge. In fact, apparently she started it on her birthday with run one being the Leamington Parkrun. She kept that quiet and now she's done 23 miles in 13 days. I point out that the 13 miles of the Hellathon will come in very useful.

In honour of which, I even invite her out for a training run when we’re free on Bank Holiday Monday. I will have my tin hat on.

We have a guest at home tonight. L’s brother has invited himself up after L kept raving about the Thai Red Curry that I cook most Friday evenings. He’s very welcome, of course, but she should have made it clear that a ‘Friday Night Thai’ is code for something else. It’s fine though as long as he doesn’t come too early, we’ll just have to accelerate things.

As we do. It’s a very pleasant evening and he’s a charming guest.

(Friday 22nd May)

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