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Wednesday 20 May 2015

Wig Wednesday

I'm reliably informed that today is Wig Wednesday. If only I’d known earlier I could have slipped something under my bike helmet. L’s work are even having a fuddle to celebrate the occasion. WTF. Perhaps I ought to commemorate the great day with a pint.

L plans to run the Beeston 5 tonight, then changes her mind, then changes it again. This girl is supposed to be enthused. She says she was enthused, then she wasn’t. When she texts me from the start line I guess we can assume she is enthused again. The boys and I head off to watch.

Post-race, we anoint the greatness of Wig Wednesday by popping in the Victoria Inn. The drinks are on L as she has a ‘moving office’ bonus burning a hole in her pocket. I need something to shift the headache that I’m sure has been brought on by having to drink decaffeinated coffee all day at work because the real stuff has run out. Isn’t that the wrong way around?

We’ve not been in the Victoria for a quite while. It was once a regular of ours but it just hasn’t kept pace with the beer boom elsewhere and fell out of favour. Plus it's a long way for Doggo to walk these days. It has a lot of beers, at least ten, but they are all pretty much standard bitters with nothing really over 4% plus one dark ale and a mild. Fortunately the dark ale is Tuck and that saves the day.

(Wednesday 20th May)

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