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Thursday 23 July 2015

Setting Up The Show

Today is the set up day for the club’s annual dog show but before that I meet the chap who is finishing up the preparation work for our new wall insulation. He isn’t here long and soon I’m heading off to Catton Park with a car full of trophies, prizes, club kit, paperwork and God knows what else. There’s also all our camping gear so that we can stay over for the weekend, oh and I nearly forgot. I managed to cram two dogs in somewhere although this left no room for L who will join us later.

After all the set up is done, L and I go to the local White Swan pub in Walton where they have Snecklifter on. Blimey. It’s in very good nick too. We probably have a touch too much wine back at the tent though.

(Thursday 23rd July)

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