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Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Fighting Chance

We take a drive down to Wellingborough for a dog show today, which is uncomfortably close to Silverstone where the British F1 Grand Prix is being held but we manage to avoid all the traffic jams.

MD goes clear in his first run, naturally he chose a Combined 1-7 class with all the best dogs in it, so we finished well down. Then he missed his weave entry on his next run, which was one we had a fighting chance of getting a good place in. Then it’s just a case chillin' of waiting for the afternoon classes.

He then goes clear in a Combined 4-7 with the same competition issues as the 1-7. He certainly knows how to pick them. It was a brilliant run but we are again well outside the rosettes. As we make one mistake in his last run, we are headed for home in decent time.

(Sunday 5th July)

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