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Friday 10 July 2015

Le Cote de Kirk Hallam

A third day in a row climbing Le Cote de Kirk Hallam and it’s a very hot day. I arrive at work incredibly hot and sweaty, where I find somewhere unpopular to drip dry.

L asks where we’re going for our 20th Anniversary race next year. Then she reels off a list... Warsaw, Prague, Paris... They all have half marathons are around our anniversary. Sounds like she’s done some research.

Park Bikeworks have finally got my bike sorted, so I abandon number one bike at work (in a double locked room), then go fetch number two and ride it home. They have done a good job in repairing and servicing it apart from being sloppy with a few minor things. E.g. not fastening my saddle bag back on, losing a mudguard mounting and leaving the dust caps off the tyres. 

(Friday 10th July)

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