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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Future Fitness Direction

For the end of July, it actually pretty cold this morning on the bike. The hills help to warm me up though.

L is again feeling 'unfit’ but then she always say that. She looks pretty fit to me. She's also ‘not feeling very inspired at the moment’. Clearly she’s not been inspired to take up dogging by MD’s success. She says she needs a 'challenge'... Perhaps something like the Nottingham Half? Perhaps not.

While she goes to mull her future fitness direction over in the gym, I head home to entertain the boys and to reheat Sunday’s takeaway leftovers for our tea. I don’t like to see a good curry sauce go to waste and always use it as a base for another dish. This is, after all, what most Indian Restaurants do. They have a base sauce for every dish that is always ready made. 

(Tuesday 28th July)

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