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Thursday 16 July 2015

Holiday Fatigue

It turns out that one of the guys in my meeting today was a former Ironman and marathon runner, although he has now been forcibly retired by his doctor who has advised him not to run any more. His wife has since passworded their computer so he can’t enter any more events.

The other chap had a running history or rather his father was famous for taking a ten mile short cut in the London Marathon.

I emerge from the meeting and immediately start sounding like L because I’ve not been able to get to the gym. This is even more frustrating when you’ve just lost a day of your five day free gym pass. It was a hugely infuriating meeting anyway as I’d found out all I need to know within half an hour but everyone kept on talking for another three hours. At least I’ve come on the bike today, so have got some training done.

Tennis/squash opponent pulls out of tonight’s game claiming fatigue after his holiday. Honestly, you’re supposed to come back from holiday refreshed and raring to go. It would have had to have been squash anyway as the tennis centre is again closed. This time for a wheelchair tennis tournament. 

(Thursday 16th July)

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