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Monday 6 July 2015

Seize The Initiative

L starts her (latest/updated/improved - delete as applicable) fitness regime this morning with a powerful (her words) swim and presumably she’ll top that with a powerful run tonight. That is, after she’s finished taking training tips from the resident Ironman(woman) where she now works. I wonder if she’s been talked into anything exciting...

Just in case she hasn't, I seize the initiative and the enthusiasm, offering her the Nottingham Life Cycle Sportive on Sunday 23rd August. It starts from Nottingham Uni and will be good training for the Vitruvian 70.3 I'm doing the week after and there’s £5 off if I enter this week. I enter the 50 mile, L will do the 25 mile.

I have another track session tonight, where I must try not fall off. Of the sixteen people on the session, it turns out that seven are redoing level 2 just for the practice. This hugely intimidates the other nine who aren’t. The presence of a photographer (my Dad) snapping away taking photos probably didn't help either.

It’s a very good session and a full one because nobody fell off this time, not even me. Then I rush home, grab the dogs and head straight to dog training where I am only ten minutes late.

(Monday 6th July)

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