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Friday 3 July 2015

Run Bloody Early aka Run 5:30

A 4am alarm call this morning, you’d think there must be a triathlon on somewhere. Nope, this is an untimed, probably unmeasured, 5k trot around Nottingham city centre. It’s known as Run 5:30, L is in it and of course, we are supporting. The boys are very sceptical of the early start, perhaps they’re worried they’re off back to kennels, but they soon get with it and start scouring the streets for discarded pizza.

It has to be said it’s quite an event, despite the shocking pink t-shirts. The dogs love it and will sleep for the rest of the day now, not that they don’t anyway. L and I will probably sleep too.

After the event, we still seem to have time to kill before heading off to work. 

I play it safe and avoid any other potential bike disasters by taking the bus.

(Friday 3rd July)

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