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Tuesday 14 July 2015

Up The Ramp

I have booked a gym induction for today at the Derby Velodrome. It’s part of a free offer they have on after which I get a free five pass.

At lunch time, I run to the velodrome, have my gym induction, do a Watt Bike session, then run back to work. I sit at my work feeling well smug. L sits at her work feeling well outdone. She’d have hated it, it was just like cycling.

They made me do a ‘ramp’ session to see what setting I need on the bike. This involved me cycling for 12 minutes and every minute I had to increase by power output by 15 watts. I was a right sweaty mess after that. Good though.

L proclaims me now a Velodrome expert, a member of two gyms and says I’ll be joining a tri-club next while she’ll be signing up to become a Woodthorpe Huffer and Puffer. Not that they would accept her, she’s far too fit and anyway I may only be a member of two gyms for five days.

She also says she’ll be seriously upset if it isn't Friday today. Don’t worry, of course its Friday today. You can never have too many Fridays, after dog training and book club that is.

(Tuesday 14th July)

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