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Thursday 9 July 2015

A One Night Stand

Another trip along the hilly route to work upon my number one bike. It’s tough enough to require a pub lunch to get over it.

There’s no tennis tonight, my opponent is away having tunnel issues in Italian Alps. A bit like I have with MD on the agility course I guess. Not sure what his problem is actually, I love the tunnels when we drive over there.

Consequently I have no plans for this evening, other than chucking balls, so I invent some and propose we go down to one of the local pubs for a few beers. It’s good to check the locals out once or twice a year, the pubs that is not the people. Sadly they’re never good enough to prompt a quick return visit but there’s always the chance one of them has suddenly got some awesome beer on.

The Wollaton (formerly the Willoughby) hasn’t. They have Shipstones Golden and Landlord, which will do for a one night stand but not for anything more regular.

(Thursday 9th July)

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