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Friday, 17 July 2015

Bricking It

Doggo is refusing his own food, although eating MD's is apparently fine. His own is also acceptable if someone chops a boiled egg on top and preferably adds a bit of ham too, just to garnish it you understand. He also didn’t struggle to help me with my naan bread last night. I think he knows what he's up to.

I go for another lunchtime brick session so I will be crawling tonight, when I should actually be running as we have both booked into the Tara Kinder 10k at Elvaston Castle.
Just to make matters even more crawling, I part jog part bus my way over and meet L there. L drives over with the boys in the car. Even my Mum and Dad, who are local, turn up to support.

The course is a potentially soul destroying three laps but it’s still not too bad an event. I go for it from the off and go through 5k in 22:06. Now that’s not too shifty. I blow up somewhat after that and finish the 10k in 45:53. I even win a spot prize of a bottle of beer, so it was worth coming after all. Then there are some decent bacon butties too.

On the way home we pop in to the Horse and Jockey in Sandiacre for a recovery drink.

(Friday 17th July)

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