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Sunday 12 July 2015

The Pressure Is On

The dogs and I are at Rugby Agility Show on Catton Park, which is nowhere near Rugby.

In the morning MD has one clear, one weave failure (my fault) and one refusal (his fault). Leaving us just the Crufts Team Qualifier to do in the afternoon. I have promoted him to Team 1 so the pressure is on but we deliver with a clear round. Sadly, the team as a whole had faults so won’t be at Crufts any time soon but everyone had fun I think.

L breaks the hour in her race, the Womens 10k on Nottingham's Embankment. In fact she makes it on to the dizzy heights of page 4 of 10 on the results sheet. Awesome. She’s in the big time.

The winners time is a generous 45.04, which makes me think I could have beaten the lot of them had I had to hand a wig and a sports bra.

In the evening we visit the Barrel Drop and the Peacock before having another curry. A take away one this time.

(Sunday 12th July)

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