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Saturday 25 July 2015

Dogging - Day Two

Doggo has his penultimate ever run first thing. It’s probably too early for him and he gets eliminated.

The weather has had a transformation overnight and we get a glorious sunny day. It’s not just the weather either, MD has also had a transformation overnight as well. I knew the Snecklifter was a sign. We have a decent individual run in the morning but get five faults and a decent team run, again with five faults. We totally miss his next run as a fellow club member fails to keep the class open for me, as they’re supposed to do for all club members.

I’m so incensed by that, that we come out fighting after lunch and power round two courses back to back, going clear in both.

They were both very good runs but I was still shocked to hear my name announced as winner of one of the classes and as coming second in the other. The win takes him up to Grade 5.

As I say, it must have been the Snecklifter. Normally if MD's preparation, such as what he has for tea, helps him win then L tries to sort out the same thing for every event thereafter but she's not mentioned doing this for me...

Meanwhile the nearby Thunder Run, the 24 hour run relay, is up and running.

Tonight pub is another Swan, this time at Fradley Junction. It's ok but not great and we again return to the Snecklifter. This time to finish the barrel, so there's no point coming back tomorrow. Luckily it’s our last night so it's mythical powers should not be required..

(Saturday 25th July)

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