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Thursday 2 July 2015

A Stylish Face Plant

More bad bike luck. Yesterday the chain goes on my commuting bike, today I get the race bike out and fall off it on way to work. Stylishly face planting the tarmac, among other assorted flesh wounds.

L says she hopes it doesn’t spoil tennis tonight. Is tennis spoilable? Doesn’t it come pre-spoilt? Anyway the on off rain showers do a better job of spoiling it. We are in and out of the dome, for shelter mainly, where we also play a few sneaky games. 

I assume we’re not supposed to be in here as it’s twice the price to play there but we certainly wouldn’t pay extra to play in there today as it’s so hot. We’re supposed to be playing tennis to avoid the humid squash courts. Soon the rain stops and we can finish off outdoors.

L walks up with the boys but by then my opponent has gone home, feeling ill. Must have been because I won a few games. We’d already finished the game early at his request. We go for a pint anyway. 

(Thursday 2nd July)

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