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Tuesday 5 April 2016

A Bit Of A Shock

Back in the usual routine today. For L this is walking the boys, swimming etc. For me it’s shopping at Sainsburys.

I would have thought the boys would have enjoyed a bit of normality but they actually looked pretty hacked off that we were going off to work on their first full day back home and Doggo refused to eat. Although he’s probably been fed enough in kennels to keep him going for a few days without eating anything.

Most of work seem impressed with our ten days of activity although my boss has tried to outdo me on the slopes of St Anton by busting his knee. Seems he was skiing over jumps to impress his Daughter when he realised he was no longer eighteen. She probably wouldn’t have been very impressed anyway.

His physio has told him to rest it but he’s got Ride London (he got a place!) coming up so clearly he’s going to ignore that advice. 100 miles on twisted knee ligaments... sounds fun. I’ll send him the Emma Pooley article I was reading in 220 magazine yesterday about one legged cycling when you’re injured. Fascinating. I saved it because I knew it would come in useful, I just thought it would be me who was following it.

L confesses that she was secretly hoping to break her ankle skiing so that she would be totally immobilised and her dodgy Achilles would heal once and for all. That’s an interesting idea but a broken ankle wouldn’t have stopped Emma Pooley.

Tonight Derby impressively beat Hull City 4-0 which comes as a bit of a shock. Then afterwards I start the long drawn out but necessary process of flushing all the gassy Swiss\German beer out of my system with real ale.

(Tuesday 5th April)

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